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Looking for ideas on finishing my set up Here is what I have to work with Now.

1. Alpine 7940 High End Head Unit with 4 volt pre outs only

2. MB Quart PCE 216 Components Front

3. MB Quart RCE 268 Components Rear

4. 2 RE Audio SE dual 2 ohm 12's in sealed 1cf each Custom Fiberglass Enclosure

I need help with ideas for the amps. I had Phoenix Gold 600.2ti and 500.4 ti and I decided to sell them and look for something else.

What I had in mind is 2 SS Class A 5.0's using 1 2 ohm stereo for both Components and one bridged .5 ohms to the subs.

I know the subs are 600 RMS and I really want LOUD CLEAN SET UP not so much SPL but I do want it to hit nice and hard.

Thank You
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