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Need more effiient 10's or 12

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I'm trying to get a little better quality but also use a bit less power. I have anywhere from 800-1200, 1200 being 2ohm load. I have 1200 now running 2 Alpine Type R's, 10" but they seem real power hungry. I'd like to put less watts into a speaker or speakers and get more base. I could also switch to 1 12" but don't have the room for 2.

So, any ideas out there would be appreciated. The 10" R's are in a slotted box now but damn, they seem to need 1000+ to get them going at all. BTW.. amps are Zapco so rating is pretty accurate. Was wondering if SVC would suck up less... Don't know enough on types, brands, etc... to know what might work good. I'm open to any ideas. Thanks!
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My best bet is a more expensive sub, as large as you can fit as it should take a smaller box, maybe.

The issue is the lower you tune for SQ the less SPL you get, and the other way around you get more SPL and lose the bottom end. You have to pick. Or, you can go to a ported box that will be larger and get more output that way. So maybe a ported 12 would work.

More efficient subs tend to want a larger box. If you go more expensive they tend to get better specs but you can only get so much.

How about you figure the cubic foot you have and what kind of use you want maybe it would be easier to recommend something. Actually what size box you have now you might be able to change the box and get more.
A single JBL W12GTi in 2-2.5ft^3 tuned to the low 30s with ~1000w at 3 ohms will most likely give you what you are looking for. ;) I assume with two 10s vented, you have at least 2-3 cubic feet to work with.
What about doing a couple of the soon to be released Sundown 8's???

They caught my eye for sure and they seem like MONSTERS
i was in a similar boat. i went from a sealed pair of type-r 10s getting 600 each to a single ported type-x 12 (2.5, 34) getting it all. night and day difference.
From what I'm reading from all of you seems I need to move to 1 12" and probably in a ported/slotted box. I'm guessing that I'll go ahead with SQ over SPL. So, 12" suggestions that maybe can use under 1000 watts so I can have some headroom.
Thanks to all of you for posting, I really appreciate it.
I had a mtx thunder 7500 single 4 ohm 12 and it was only like 400 RMS but it was actually a really nice sounding sub and blended in pretty well with the rest of the car, But now that I switched to a Jl 12W6 im as happy as a pig in slop
lol.. you running 1 or 2 12v6? What kind of power needed?
What about doing a couple of the soon to be released Sundown 8's???

They caught my eye for sure and they seem like MONSTERS

Maybe I've got it wrong, but don't they have a sensitivity rating of 78 [email protected]/m? That's hardly efficient....
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