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Hi all - hope someone here can point me in the right direction.

I own a 2005 MINI Cooper S convertible with a very nice H/K stock audio system. I love everything about it EXCEPT one thing: the rear speaker grilles are total crap, and have BOTH broken off, leaving my speakers exposed.

Here is a photo of a car very like mine, showing the placement of the rear speakers and what the stock grilles look like:

I hear from MINI forums that replacing the grilles with stock units is not only expensive (each grille costs more than $50 from a dealer), but is also very difficult, as the entire speaker bracket must be dismounted from the interior bodywork (which must also be removed... argh) to fasten the grilles to their fixed brackets.

QUESTION: Is there a product that's a matte black(not silver or gray) round grille that can be externally mounted with screws or other fasteners that will cover my speakers? As you can see, the speakers are mounted vertically, and will come in contact with passengers and cargo in the rear, so grilles made of metal mesh or some other stout material is preferred over cloth (although if they're relatively cheap and easy to (re)install without having to dismantle the entire interior of my car, I'm not oposed to ordering a few sets to keep as spares).

What have people used in this application that they've had luck with?

Thanks a million in advance!
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