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I need someone with some patience to help me. I am having some tuning issues that I can not seem to get worked out.

First here is what I have.
Alpine 9887
Rockford 600.5(50x4, 100x1) only using the 4 main channels.
Boston RC comps.
No sub currently.
2000 GMC Sierra extended cab.

Amp is set for full range so I can adjust everything with the HU. From my understanding setting to full range bypasses the crossovers on the amp.

First, I can not get this box type sound to go away. Imaging putting you head in a box and talking. I can hear a what seems like a small amount of what I would call ringing in the vocals putting my head close to the mid. Although I have it better, I can not seem to get it just right.

Next problem is the sound is just not filling the truck the way I like. If I turn the HU to power my rear factory 4x6's I get a much fuller sound, even though the rear speakers themselves don't sound to hot.

I am starting to wonder if my problem is in the speakers themselves. The have been boxed up for years and I can not honstly recall how they sounded when they were pulled from the truck they were in at the time.

I have changed my settings around so much I can not even beging to tell you where they are at the moment.

Hopefully I am just missing something . Help me out if you can. I will listen to any advice just remember I am a nexb, and yes I have searched alot. I have even tried to copy setting in the HU I have read others using.

Thanks in advance.
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