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I have the following set-up in my car.

Pioneer AVH-4100DVD h/u
Polk Audio db6501 up front
oem full range 6.5 in the back

Stereo speakers are(were) powered by a RF Punch P4004.

I have ran this setup flawlessly since January.

About 2 mos ago the sound started cutting out (not even static to the speakers during out periods). It was intermittent at first, so I assumed it was a faulty Remote wire. A week or so after that, it went silent completely.

Since then, I have checked the following:
-power, ground, and remote wires are all fine
-the amp powers on, but no sound
-I have checked each of the 3 sets of RCAs (front, rear, and sub) coming from the h/u (hooked them up individually to a house stereo's aux input) and I was able to get sound out of each.
-Tested the RCAs at the other end and I was able to get sound as well

I pretty much deduced that the amp was bad, so I took it over to a guy who tested it and sure enough there was a burn mark inside the casing where something had caught fire.

So I ordered two new amps (figured I'd throw my old 12" eclipse back in the mix) and I ordered a Pioneer PRS-D1200M and a PRS-D4200F. The D1200M came in today so I decided the test out the new amp with the sub... still no sound!

The new amp powers on, but no sound from the sub. I ran a test light from a ground to each of the speaker terminals (pos and neg) I get static out of the sub, and it lit the light a bit, but nothing else.

Any thoughts on what I should try next?
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