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Ok, so I have:
1 Vifa D26NC55 OEM tweeters
2 Dayton RS150 mids
1 JBL gr 10" sub
...per side.

I have no crossovers because I bought an alpine HU and a pxa-h100 Imprint Processor I was hoping to use as an active 3 way crossover.

I hooked up everything and it sounds OK however I am getting some listener fatigue quickly and the high end sounds shrill,

I suspect the imprint is not adequately dealing with the twin peaks at ~6.5k and 9.5k.
I do not know exactly how alpine is crossing my drivers because its sweeps are silent on two "locations", perhaps my device is busted or i am missing a setting somewhere?

this is my situation...

I was thinking perhaps I could help the imprint out a bit by adding these in-line low pass filters to the mids-line coming out of the imprint and going to the amp, of course I would re-run the imprint calibration again after that.

Is this a bad idea? anyone have experience using these type filters?
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