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I’ve been out of car audio for the last decade and am just getting back into it again. So much new to learn. It seems like so many sub types come and go over the years.

I always considered myself a SQL type person and really enjoyed the 12” FI Qs I had circa 2010 and recently picked up an Icon to get me by until I decide on something and I’m still working on that setup a bit but I believe my old Qs sounded a bit better (to me at least). But another box build or new headunit with more settings may make all the difference.

Anyways I’m really wanting to get a new setup in the coming months that’s more SQ oriented and digs low while still maintaining a reasonable SPL.

I plan to run it on 1500-2000rms max so subs that need a lot of power to be efficient are out of the question. My top picks at the moment are the Adire Brahamas or Tumult’s.

I seen a lot of people like the SQL as well and it’s much cheaper but seen a post saying it needed a lot of power to really wake it up. The CSS SDX also looks interesting but isn’t much cheaper then the Brahama. Especially if I wait for a Black Friday sale. The Audio Frogs also seem to be popular here but say they are only 500rms, I was hoping for at least 750-1000rms subs. I plan to run ported likely tuned around 28-30hz.

I am thinking 2 12” subs would give me what I’m looking for without having to fold down my rear seat (small suv) but may also do 1 18” or 1-2 15”s I also seen the Brahamas have a X version that’s 1500rms instead of 1000 so that or the Tumult would likely be my go to for a single sub. The FI Qs also aren’t out of the question but from my limited knowledge on TS specs I believe these subs can dig lower and sound better.

Thanks for listening anyways.
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