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I'm installing a JVC head unit with Pyle Audio PLAD618 power amp, I will be using a 10" Subwoofer bridged to Ch5/Ch6 out of the amp, 2 mid range speakers and 2 tweeters, the amp is built in 3-way active crossover, Lets say that the drivers operate in the following ranges (Just as an example) SUB 20Hz to 100Hz, MID 100Hz-2KHz, and tweeter 2KHz and over, A.F.A.I.K crossover limits only the lows in HPF mode and the highs in LPF mode, how do I set the middle channel or the pass band (100Hz-2KHz), in other words how do I limit both sides of the frequency for the mid speakers? How do I set the crossover knobs to achieve 3 different channels low/mid/high with no interference?

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