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Checking in from NorCal, Sacramento area, just picked up a 2018 Mustang GT Base with 13,000 miles on it.

Still trying to figure out what I want to do with the sound system. At first, I just thought about replacing the factory speakers, at least as a quick and dirty phase 1 to get some improvement along with defeating the bass roll-off of the factory unit. In my mind, I was thinking something that would be a couple steps above the factory (like Hertz Energy or Cento) with enough sensitivity to be driven by the radio in the short term but to be honest, the more I look, the harder it is to hold that line.

Then I thought I could install my old gear (from my 1988 Ford Tempo install) as my phase 1 minus my Pioneer 6 disk changer. I had component Alpine Speakers (only 5-1/4") with tweeters mounted in the dash firing up & slightly in at the windshield (amatuerish) for the fronts and JBL's with a sort of heavy flange/built in grill. I am embarassed to say I don't remember the model nbrs. I wouldn't use the JBL's and the Alpines are a little small but could get me by.

However, I do remember my Concord CA50-2 and I am pretty sure I have some never used Clarion active crossovers also from the late 80's if I was so inclined.

I was kind of dismissing using my old equipment figuring with tech advances even an entry to 2nd or 3rd level equipment would be far away better BUT then I saw the thread about vintage equipment. The Concord was not high powered but I remember it being very clean and I am not looking for crazy power, just an upgrade over stock that will let me enjoy seme-loud music every now then. Heck, right now I purposely leave the radio off just to hear the exhaust of my V8, really love the sound.

So any who, I need to step and decide what I really want including whether I want to do the work (I do) or let someone else do it for me (lots of irons in the fire). I even considered trying the economical approach using equipment from Parts Express.

One thing I will do if I go vintage or economical to get my feet wet again is NOT skimp on wiring quality or size, sound deadening (just enough for rattles, the 25% rule, remember I want to hear and enjoy my exhaust at times), installation accessories, etc.

Either way I need to get the equipment from storage, set it up, and bench test it, to be honest, I may not have stored it well enough for how long they ended up in storage.

Mega out
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