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I just retired and need to keep busy so find myself sucked in to another audio obsession that risks my savings. I am in my early 60’s so I assume a bit more “seasoned” than most on the forum but I have been deep in the home audio and home theater hobby for years and love to listen to my large music collection. My home systems are pretty nice.

I have built at least 13 DIY speakers including a very high end ScanSpeak based F/R, F/L, Center system using 15S-8530K-01 Revelator Mid-Woofer’s and D2905/9900 Revelator tweeter’s in an MTM. Add at least 8 subwoofers and a couple bookshelves and my woodworking skills are pretty good.

My first car stereo system was adding a quadraphonic 8-track and Jenson Tri-axels in a 1965, baby blue, 4-door Plymouth Fury III beater back in high school. How many on here have even seen or heard of 8-track?

Next was a 1990 Nissan Maxima. I saw an ADS based speaker system with trunk mounted Subwoofer in one of the Car Stereo magazines. I took the magazine to a Magnolia Hi-Fi Installer that had just been voted installer of the year and said, do that. It was a fantastic sounding system.

Recently I added an OEM style, corner mounted subwoofer to my 2009 335i E92 coupe. The E92 has only 55K miles and is in perfect condition. The install was done by an installer and added power to the under-seat woofers in a 4-way configuration. The bass is a bit overbearing but can be tamed. I couldn’t help myself and now have scheduled a cabinet upgrade with Musicar.

Not DIY on the 335i but I am now planning an upgrade for my 2016 X6 35i. For this I plan on building the subwoofer box myself with a Scan-Speak 28W/4878T Revelator 11" Subwoofer 28W/4878T00. The vender suggests a 1.5 cubic foot sealed box but also said 1 cubic foot would work if needed.

The storage space in the rear is my intended location and it will require a fairly shallow box but I think I can make it work. There is plenty of space for width and length but getting the 8.5 inch hight will be tricky due to the uneven floor. My plan is for down firing to deal with the uneven floor and I have a rough idea of the dimensions that will work. If I get ambitious I will attempt to use a three-channel amp to power the stock under-seat woofers in a 4-way similar to what the installer did with my 335i. Knowing me I will eventually do a cabin upgrade but would likely leave that to professionals.

A big thank you to Jimmydee who has been incredibly helpful, first with his 440i build and now his X6M build I am following closely. I wish I had his skill and experience.

Thanks in advance to all the questions I am sure to have.

Not sure of the rules on the forum, my attempts at posting keep getting deleted by admin?
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