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Hello fellas. New guy here, however I had "professionally" installed audio for years. That was long ago when most people (the bread and butter of my paychecks!) were mostly interested in a bunch of bass and maybe some loud highs but did not focus on sound quality. The good and bad thing is, back then i did not know (or care much) about overall sound quality. Every now and them I'd install a system that just sounded killer...and it was more or less an accident.
I'm kind of embarrassed to admit that here recently I found out "why" most of the time when you just throw some new aftermarket door speakers and rear speakers in, how they might sound a tad better but not have near as much bass. It did not matter then because pretty much everything I installed had a box subwoofer(s) so you didnt notice as much. Of course the midbass wasnt there but my customer base didnt care.
Now I'm back at doing this again but only tinkering with my car and my sons truck. I've got a turbocharged 2004 GTO....system is:
Pioneer NEX1500
doors: silverflute 6.5" crossed over at 63hz and 6000hz
tweets in dash: LOL power acoustic $8 junks from walmart running on radio power
rear quarters: Mb quart elcheapo seperates
rear deck: Tang Band 6.5" subwoofers
amps: subs- fosgate T750x1bd 9 (overkill I know!)
Highs: T400x4ad

i plan on putting silverflutes in the rear quarters and probably some Dayton air motion tweets in the front dash. i have not decided yet. the crappy tweets I have now arent that bad on radio power....but I know it could be better.
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