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New Headunit

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I am currently installing a new headunit to my toyota camry 03....but it wont turn on when i have connected all the power wires. I have checked all the fuses and did a test to see if the wires were even getting power but not getting any power from the wires at all. The fuses are sending power just not making it to the new headunit
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did you hook it up correctly? if the fuse is passing power to both sides, then the wire has power unless it isn't connected. does the factory radio still work if you reinstall it?
Yeah all the wires are connected correctly the only iffy wire that didnt match was the illumination but no the stock radio will not work now either
really i don't ever hook up illumination wires because toyota has 3 in their harness. If you hooked it to the orange/black then you've got problems, but sounds like you blew a fuse or burnt up a wire. Just because one side of the fuse has power doesn't mean both do. You gotta check them carefully. and if theres no power at the wires, then you've got a short or a bad fuse. or now a bad fusebox.
start tracing down the wires and look for problems. all it takes is one wire to be bad though. there are two power wires.
Oh wow i did not know they had 3 thanks so your thinking maybe just a blown fuse box?
not likely the fuse box because it still runs right?
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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