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Hey guys just joined here the other day so I figured I'd make a more formal introduction.

I started our on a as a newbie knowing nothing with basically overpriced equipment.

I had a JL 250/1 and 2 JL 10w0's with some coaxials in the doors unamped.

Then from there I've had a lot of different setups.

I then moved over to CACO and started to increase the quality of what I was running.

I have settled on the following with much changing in the next few weeks/months.

HU: Kenwood Excelon XXV-01D (upgrading soon)
Front Stage: CDT CL-62CFS
Rear Fill: Boston Acoustics SX65's
Subwoofers: 2 12" Incriminator Audio Lethal Injections DVC2 (upgrading soon)
4-channel Amp: Diamond Audio D7104
Sub amp: JBL GTO 1201.1 II (upgrading soon)
Batteries: Stinger SPV44 and XP Power 5100
Wire is mostly Kicker Hypeflex 1/0 and some others tacked on.

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Don't know how I'm supposed to introduce myself if I can't make a new here goes...I'm a newb to car audio, am here looking for friendly advice!
lol. Make a new thread. I have never seen someone introduce themselves in some other persons introduction thread. Funny.

andrewmoore13 - I'm new here too. Looks like you have a nice setup. I'm thinking of getting some CDT midbass woofers soon. Now to stage them properly.
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