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New Hi-Vi auto components at madisound ribbon tweeters in the set!

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Just wanted some opinions of the new Hi-Vi FR-600 auto sound sets of madisound. Might I add it's only $299 and comes with ribbon tweeters!

Hi-Vi FR600 6" Autosound System from Madisound
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Just browsing and found some photos:

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The basket on that mid is a little off-the-shelf chinese-y but other than that, they look good.

I have a bun ch of HiVi drivers and guild quality and performance and generally excellent.
They, hivi, also have a 3way set with what appears to be 3 way passives as well that look pretty good.They are on solen if not on madi.

These ribbon ones were discussed a few months ago last year and no one I don't think has tried them.
Has anyone tried these out yet? I'm considering buying them, but would realy like to hear from someone who has them installed.

You want the good news or the not so good news?

The good news: I own a set!

The not so good news: They are still in the box and have been for about a year :(

I can say the build quality on them is excellent though.

I'm getting a little tired of all my gear sitting in boxes in the garage, so i'm going to be putting them in the wifes car here shortly.

I'll let you guys know!

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The baskets on these look really cheap and doesnt look that strong only 4 spots on connection?? Humm for the price I dont think you could go wrong...
silver6 - Is there any information on the tweeter xover freq with the speakers? All I could find on the Web was 12 db/oct, but no frequency. Just wondering where they cross them over @ 12 db/oct. I'm guessing around 4.5 - 5KHz.

I'll take a look through the box and paperwork, but I won't be able to do that until friday...

The baskets are cast aluminum and the way the "machined circles" attach its more like 8 connecting points. In the picture, its hard to see...

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