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That's going to sound pretty good.

I would use the Dynamat directly behing the speaker on the inside of the outer door skin. Try to cover the main part of the outter door that resonances. Keep some for at least 5-8" of dynamat around the midbass mounting spot.

Be sure to use a custom MDF baffle to mount the speaker to the door. Use non-hardening modeling clay as seen in this thread.

Or at least some type of gasket material between the baffle and the door, as well as between the speaker and the baffle.

Make sure to waterproof the MDF wood baffle before installing.

Rick @ might be able to ship you some of his deadener.

On my door installs I use at least 15-20Ft+ of deadener on each door :shock:

For speaker/power wire,etc, do a search on for some local distributors. [/url]
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