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Hi there,

Just a quick post if anyone wants to lookup who I am.
I'm 34 years old, married, 2 kids and I live in Belgium; I'm an IT manager.

I love music, my grand father is a professional classical piano player having toured europe, he also play cello and concertina, my grand mother plays the harpsichord and piano and flute, etc. I myself work in a music business, an independant european music sales and distribution company, the one of the Editors, The Darkness, Agnes Obel, etc.

I drive daily a BMW e30 325is sedan (a rare french special series) from 1989, in pristine stock condition and I'm here because I want high SQ from device from the era but I've got everything to learn on the subject, a forum like this one being the best place to do just that.

My contribution will be more questions then answers then...


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