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I have lurked here on and off for a while, but decided now was a good time to join and post about my upcoming install.

I did my first build quite some time ago, in 2008. It was in the Mazda 3 I had at the time, and consisted of JL ZR650 components up front, powered by a 300/1 and a JL 12W7 in a sealed box from JL powered by a 1000/1. I used a single DIN pioneer navi head unit (can't remember the model, had the folding screen) and a RF 3SIXTY to sum the factory system so I could retain it as well. Stripped the car bare and dyna-matted everything, and did the Big 3, new battery, all new wire runs.
It was a fun project, and it sounded good to me at the time, but I really hadn't spent any time listening to components before buying, planning the build much and didn't know anything about staging, 'active' vs 'passive', etc. Nothing about eq's or crossovers. Just had lots of disposable cash, and wanted to put in audio stuff that was expensive, because that must make it good right? Lol.

Fast forward to now, I'm finally getting around to putting a system together for my 2010 370Z. It has the factory Bose/Navigation system, and I have always had a big hate on for Bose. I have spent a lot longer thinking about this build, listening to components and planning the install. This is the (pretty much finalized) plan:

Tweeters: Hertz ML 280.3 Mille in the factory dash location
Midbass: Hertz HV 165XL's in the factory door location
Amp: JL HD900/5
Sub: JL 10W3v3 in a corner mounted trunk stealth box
Processor/Factory Integration: JBL MS8
Running the speakers active, so 5 channels of the MS8 in use and all 5 channels of the 900/5. No center speaker (car does absolutely not allow for it) and no rear/side speakers. It's a tiny 2 seater, so rear speakers will probably never happen, it does have a 4" speaker mounted just beside the driver/passenger that I will not be using but does offer future potential for adding something there if I wanted to. I just don't see the benefit now.

I will not be changing/adding head units this time as the factory navigation is so beautifully integrated with absolutely everything. Hopefully the MS8 is good enough at its black magic that it gives me as good an output from the factory system as I would get from an aftermarket unit - not holding my breath, but that's what I have to work with.

In addition, I have my doubts about the tweeters in the factory dash locations as far as best SQ options, but the A-Pillar is a no go as there is a gauge pod there, the doors are not an option as they don't have the space/are upholstered nicely plus I want a higher soundstage, and the sail panels are too small. Which leaves the dash. Banking on the MS8 again to make the best of a not great situation.
I will be using dynamat again, sparingly where necessary (mainly just the doors, and not a ton) but because of the nature/purpose of the car I am trying to add as little weight as possible.

I look forward to sharing the build as it progresses and hopefully getting some good advice on a few technical questions I haven't found the answers to along the way!
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