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Hi All,

long time lurker here (4+ years) and finally decided to start posting.

Based in South Africa I envy the access to quality installers and gear you guys in US have. :eek:

I have family in Boston, MA and have picked up some good equipment over the years and brought back to SA with me.

My last install involved fiber glassed pods to fit on top of the door panels which kinda sandwiched between the 4inch opening (did not go well :laugh: ), a stack-fabbed subwoofer box with kurfed top (went very well) and a relocate-your-hu self made harness based off of info sourced on this site (worked well but aftermarket hu just looked ugly). This was in my e82 125i coupe, after taking it all out before a service I decided that the kit wasn't going back in!

I am now looking at buying a ute, a corsa utility (pretty cool little bakkie check it out), to play around with!

Onto the equipment I have collected:

178bt Alpine HU (very happy with it).
Alpine PDX-V9 (also very happy).
JL C5-650 component set (after buying this and alot of reading I decided I wasnt going to do rear speakers in any of my vehicles).
Bought a set of the 4 inch from the C5-653 set (plan is to use the c5-650 crossover for the tweeter and midrange and run the 6.5inch woofers off the rear channels).
HX-250 Hertz 10 inch sub (have actually not used this yet, but have been playing around with a 6th order in winisd porting through the back of the CAB so would only need to cut 2 small holes for the ports instead of cutting the entire rear out ).

My plan as above is to use the c5-400 and tweeter in the kicks off of the front channels and the c5 6.5 in the doors of the rear. I am toying with the idea of getting a minidsp but will first see how it sounds before dropping more cash. (I have x-overs on both the HU and Amp as well as TA and a decent EQ on the HU. I also bought the imm6 mini mic from dayton so that should help with the tuning)

Anyway that is my intro done, will do a build log and may ask for input once I have the the car!

Cheers :)

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