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Hi all,

I have been surfing the treasure trove of information within this forum and thought it was time i started participating/contributing.

I am all about doing what I can myself, thought until recently, most of my diy car audio experience has come from helping friends.

Currently I drive a Holden Rodeo 4x4 (Australian car). It is a medium sized crew cab with limited options (within the cab) for storage/audio equipment.

I have installed a Pioneer head unit (DEH-80PRS) not currently setup in active mode. The head unit feeds 3x 2 way amplifiers.

The first is an Alpine MRV-t420 feeding a set of 6 1/2 inch Morel tempo components mounted in the front doors.

The second is an Alpine MRV-t320 feeding a set of 5 1/4 inch Alpine SPR-50 coaxials mounted in the rear doors.

The third is a Kicker ZR600 bridged (gain turned down) feeding a small sealed preloaded 10 inch Kicker 07CVT104 subwoofer mounted behind the rear seat facing foward.

I have installed sound deadening matierial on both inner and outer skins of the front doors and the inner skin of the read door.

Amps are all installed in a weatherfroof partitioned toolbox bolted to tray.

Generally speaking, my setup does what I expected it to, but i have begun buying some new gear to improve on some weak points. The areas i am trying to improve are- Bass quality/response, headroom for mids/highs.

1- new subs, 2x Alpine SWR-t12
2- new sub box, DIY sealed box built to maximise the difficult an limited space behind the rear seat. It is a work in progress (70% built) which will be approximately 1.2 ft3 total (minus 2x sub displacement). Yes a little small but the best I can practically muster.
3- new amp, PDX-m12. This will drive the new subs.
4- rearrangement of amplifiers, i plan to retire the MRV-t320 and promote the other 2 amps. ZR600 to drive the front stage and the MRV-t420 to drive the rear.

In the future a plan to do some more sound deadening and possibly trial running 3 way active.

I welcome any comments on potential improvements, either with current/future equipment configuration or with pointing out weak links for improvement.

Note- living in New Zealand (east of Australia) , I don't have access to the range of equipment you have there, and it is most often prohibitive to import gear.

Thanks :)
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