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While I'm no great fan of Dyn drivers in general, or their home speakers, or their studio monitors, I have to say they did a GREAT job with the stereo in my mother's Volvo S80, which is a multichannel affair that incorporates a center channel in the dash far more gracefully than the C70's system did. Honestly, I don't think there is room for improvement in that system with aftermarket components. At least, it's beyond my abilities.

As for the drivers, I'm sure they're pretty undistinguished, just like all Dyn stuff. However, Ford and VAG might force better unit-unit consistency on them than the drivers sold under their name tend to have. Also, the signal processing was tuned by someone who loves music, which makes all the difference when dealing with the cost constraints of an OEM audio system in even a $50k car.

If the Passat system is as good as the Volvo one, then the aftermarket stereo industry and even DIY is a waste of time for future Passat owners. Would that the car itself looked as graceful and dignified as the last Mays/Freeman Passat did. Then again, every VW and Audi designed after J Mays and Thomas Freeman left has been markedly less distinguished than the one preceding it.
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