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New Ranger - Potential Install (tweeters in the kick)?

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I recently purchased a 2009 Ford Ranger....and well, I am tired of stock.

So, I am looking into getting a set of componets (well a midbass and a tweeter).

I saw several pics of tweeters in the kick panel. I could support this as I refuse to cut the doors to this truck.

So, how does the kick compare to the a-pillar? I understand how this works in a car, but does it work differently in a truck because I sit a little more straight up versus leaned back.
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I installed tweeters in the kick panels of my old montero sport with excellent results. The kicks helped keep the tweeters close to the mids in the doors. As a bonus, the factory mid baffles were sloped up towards the listener so minimal fab work was required to install them properly. After tuning, the soundstage was nice and high.
Did you use the angle mount and face them toward the opposite position? IE the driver tweeter angled to the "head" of the passenger seat? Did you leg block it?? I hear people say "No it doesn't" but my mind keeps thinking "How could it not?" Especially in the cramped quarters of a small truck.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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