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New System - 2011 Sonata Turbo w/Nav

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Hi All

Just got a 2011 Sonata Turbo with Nav, and trying to figure out what kind of system I want to put in it. I have roughly a $2000 budget, main focus is to have a good SQ system. Here is what i have come up with so far:

  • H/U - Going to Keep the Factory Nav
  • Front & Rear 6.5" - thinking aobut going with Morel Maximo's
  • The system has 3.5" speakers in the Dash, not sure what to do thoughts?
  • SUB - JL Audio Stealthbox (12w3v3-2)
  • Amp - JL Audio XD700/5 or HD900/5 (but I think its just too expensive)
  • Sound dampening in the doors and trunk

I have been on the fence whether to go with the Stealthbox vs a custom box and a 12w6v2 (this option would be slightly more expensive)?

Its been almost 8 years since my last system upgrade so I would appreciate any advice or input.


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I am going ahead with the install of my sub first (hopefully this week) and add speakers in the near future

  • JL Audio Stealthbox (12w3v3)
  • JL Audio JX 500/1
  • Cache 8 Channel Line output converter (to keep factory Nav)

I still need help on deciding what to use up front (6.5") and in the rear (6.5"). I am going to use my Planet Audio REM4300 (4 channel 600 Watt RMS) to power them. I probably will have a budget of $400-$500 for the fronts and $250 for the rears.

I do not want anything too bright and right now thinking about

  • Morel Dotech Ovation 6.5" up front
  • Morel Tempo Coax 6.5" in the rear

Any suggestions would be mush appreciated
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Got any pics of the install? I just ordered a Stealthbox for my Sonata.
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