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Hay all I just purchesed a 2" ALPINE TYPE X and MRX M100
Sub is in a custom box (built by me) 2.3cf after displacement tuned to 32hz and a 3.2" L shaped port made of 3/4 premium mdf partical bord.

Im running this off my stock stereo, output converter and audiobohn ABD39X. allof this ran with crappy supposed 16 gauge wire and amp os ran off crappy supposed 8 gauge wire.

My apm is less than 5ft from the battery. I was wanting to go with kunkuncepts 4 gauge wire from ebay 24.99 for 20ft of wire. Unless you guys have another option in mind in the same price range.

Iv red that its best to have the ground be no longer then 1ft from the amp and o currently have it about 4ft from it since the battery is just next to it could I jist ground it to the battery?

Also wanting to go kunkuncepts 8gauge wire(29.99 for 50ft)for everything els including the audiobohn unit and amp to sub. Again unless you guys have any other recommendations.

Lastly I dnt have the type X jumpers so was trying to get 8 gauge wire in to all 4 holes. That or find the type X jumpers I was thinking of looking around here I toght I saw someone say I could make my own unless one of you no where I could buy them at.

Anyways all advice welcome. Im wanting to run this to maximum potential possible with what I have/going to get. I believe my altornator pits out around 140A and the engine is power hungry. Have toght about going with an extra battery bit dnt no what to get especial since im on a small budget.
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