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I joined up to get more information about designing a system for my project car.

I built one system about 14 years ago in my WRX. It was a Pioneer deck driving Infinity Reference speakers in the doors (upsized to 6.5" front nad 5.25" rear), and an MMATS 12" in a sealed enclosure with a 300w Alpine monobloc amp in the trunk. Huge improvement over stock but I'm sure nowhere near as good as it could have been because I didn't know anything about tuning.

Since then, I've owned crappy commuter cars that I didn't think were worth sinking money into. But now I'm starting work on a new project, a Volvo 240 station wagon. I'm working on doing up the car with a V8 swap, upgraded suspension, BBS wheels, and some custom body work. I want an interior to match the exterior and part of that means a cool custom stereo. I'm still learning and looking forward to sharing with everyone here.

Interesting fact about me - I'm working on a master's degree in underwater acoustics - I could probably build a banging system for whales, but not humans!

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