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Hello, I just joined this site to find some hard to get gear after I found the link on google. I never have joined a car audio site but this site is cool.
I have always been an audio guy from a very early age starting with a heathkit amp and preamp. Those Kt66 tubes sounded so good.

I was always looking for a good stereo, but never had the money to get what I wanted when I was young. Years later when I was restoring my 280zx I decided it was time to build a good system, and for the most part it is a vary good system. I monitored audio levels at about 130Db when I was done. Plenty loud and excellent s/n figures.

My home stereo was the first to build, Denon cd player, Nak dragon tape deck, Pioneer integrated amp, and a ADC (BSR) EQ, pushing infinity SM150's sounds good to today. I went really radical and incorporated a Altec second amp with a second set of SM150's I bought second hand, and repaired. total on the system is about 650 Watts RMS it really rocked at the time my 950SQ feet apartment, so much so that I actually got a ticket for disturbing the peace with noise one night just after 10:00PM. I thought the fine was a bit excessive, and did get arrested for my behavior, still makes me smile a bit, except for the fine and arrest.

You know I was once asked how loud does it need to be Jeff, and I always said its never loud enough. LOL

After I built the car system, I really liked it, but on the way to work one day, a fifteen minute drive, I was listening to the stereo, and it kept getting less loud, so I turned it up. When I got to work 15 minutes later and clocked in someone spoke to me and I could not hear what they were saying. it took about an hour for my hearing to come back, that's when it dawned on me, it will never be loud enough, I will just go deaf! I did finally figure out the answer though, it will be loud enough on the First day, the first song, the first note when ALL of Gods people, and heavenly hosts begin singing! then and only then will I be satisfied with the volume level, until then, I will do my best to keep my hearing intact and not damage it any further from my work in the Navy, my 2K range is just shot, those little fans just drive me up the wall.

I will tell you one thing though, the loudest thing I have ever heard was hearing an F14 tomcat taxing down the ramp to final checks. The sound from those intakes are literally ear shattering.

There is just something about a crystal clear system the really gets my heart pumping, literally, you can ask a few friends about that as well myself, that is just electrifying to me. When you can feel the wind move across your face because of your stereo, your system is there LOL.

There are a number of different types of adrenalin junkies out there, but for me it is a stereo, and racing a truly fast car. So now, I have a stereo that will make my heart thump, and a car the will out accelerate a 747, now that's excitement folks LOL
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