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Im sure you guys have seen this post many times, or so. I been doing my reading, reading the interweb, and watching videos...
But still have some questions ,and would love to learn more...

So break down I have a 07 Jeep GC, It has kappa perfect 600 comp set upfront, JLw3v3 10" Sub in single ported box. I have Rockford prime 300x4 amp, and a JL 500/1 oldie for the Sub.
I am using a MiniDSP C-6x8 and using REW to tune.

I am concered I am doing my measurements wrong, and then tuning them wrong in REW... I set my Crossover Curve and then I match My speaker freq to that curve, when I put it into the minidsp It does not match what is shown on REW, It is never a smooth curve on the minidsp

I am using the RTA tab, and the Pink noise located in the rew software. I then take my measurement open up rew, then the eta tab and do my thing. Im guessing Im doing it all wrong, and I need to re learn..... Also when I use REW to tune, It does not sound so great. But when I use the MiniDSP and go into the eq there, I can tune for better sound than using the REW software. Either Im not using the correct parameters or I am doing everything wrong.

I would gladdly love a mentor, or someone to help me walk me thru my questions I am a very fast learner, and been in CA for many years just never played withi a dsp before.

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