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Hi Everyone,
New to this site, I need help selecting a new AM/FM CD player for my truck.
My days of having a great stereo in my car, left me when my 1969 Datsun 510 was ripped off one night many years ago. I had a Sound Stream TC 308 with Phillips tweeters, with 4 6.5" speakers, which were a poly type but forgot which one. Boy was that tape deck the bomb!
I haven't really cared about a nice radio, because I have a company car with a ok system in it. But my truck is my bike hauler, so I am needing to get something to interface with my Iphone with bluetooth, appleplay, AM/FM and what ever else is the new and install a new system. I have a double din in the truck, so I need to have that and I want to maybe put new speakers in too.

Any ideas what would be like the old Sound Stream TC308 in a CD player in 2020? What speakers for a old 2000 GMC Sonoma extended cab?
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