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I received this as an award at work after completing a certificate program. I have tried using tablets and can't understand WTF the point of them is. This was purchased (with tax) for $1050.88 by ZSchool, which is the entity that delivers the certificate program for the university I got it from. They're $999.99.

I'm selling for $800 shipped here (firm) via PayPal FF or Venmo. Something where I get $800 and I'm not providing a warranty. I will include the receipt and as such, when you register, the included standard warranty will be with you.

It will be shipped in the exact box it was shipped to me from the Apple distribution warehouse. It will remain unopened. It is legitimate. It is not a counterfeit. It is not resealed. It is brand new and I just got it in the mail 2-days ago.

Cross posted in a lot of places so first come first serve.


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