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New Vehicle build help 07 F250....

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hello all. first post. been reading a bunch and researching all over, and have come for help. i am lost in the sea of possibility.

a little back ground upfront. back in the day my cars had a few subs, maybe some cheap coax speakers. you know...highschool and such. after growing up my addiction for sound did also. cars had nicer factory systems, but they got replaced. had an M3 with HK. and had to swap those out for a 3ohm speaker everyone on e46fanatics was raving about. with a sub i was very happy. then i got an audi s4 and kinda fell off. however, in the car audio hiatus, i picked up homeaudio. i built a theater in my "man room". durring this process i learned about quality sound. i built from scratch a 5.1 system 5 of jim holtz designed statements, 2 statements, 2 mini's and his center. boxes and crossovers built to spec and design. the sound these make in insane!!! love it.

ok now to my new truck. it was 100% stock until recently. i purchased a 2600bt headunit to get my phone audio streaming over bluetooth. mostly spotify audio. that was cool at first, but i like rap and rock, and i like it loud and clear. factory speakers...gone. so i purchased a shallow mount 10" pioneer sub and started working out a box that would fit behind my seat. i then started the search for front stage audio....

i wasnt sure on what to get, so i went down to my local audio supplier, and said i wanted some component speakers and a new amp for my sub (300+RMS @ 4 ohm), i already had an older 4 channel sony to use with the components...they sold me some memphis audio 6.5 components and a memphis audio 750watt mono for the sub. (can get models number later if needed). so i deconstructed my car and ran rca's and speaker wire back and forth down drivers side, and 4 gauge amp kit down passenger side.

i made some 1/4 MDF adapter plates fro the 6.5's and put some dynomat type stuff the sold me on the door, covering as many holes and openings as possible. i mounted the tweeter in the little black thing maybe called a sail. wired it all up to the amp and needless to say, im not happy :(

the sub box i made is in the .6 cubic range, and im not happy with how its hitting either.

the 4 channel amp has a hp and lp switch and 2 gain knobs, the sub amp has gain, lf and subsonic. i have them set about where they should be and tweaked as i went, but it just isnt right.

so im in search of what will make my ears and my wallet happy. im thinking i want to go the active cross route as raw speakers are much cheaper than a brand name component set with a crossover. and if it is missing part of the sound i want it was like 100 bucks instead of 400.

in searching, i can not figure out what i need to go active. what part of the system replaces the component passive crosses. i have a UNIK-1 mic and can get a laptop for tuning and adjustments on a digital model. ive looked on sonic and crutchfield and can not figure this out.

as for actual speakers. im open to suggestions. silver flutes? please help me. im aggravated to even drive with this crap pooping out of my doors.if i think of any other pertinent info ill post again. thanks peeps.
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Quick bit of extra Intel.

At lunch,I took an older pair of kicker 10s in a sealed kicker box and hooked them to the new memphis audio amp.

Results were marginally better. Little bit of a tighter kick to them. But nothing to write home about. This led me to wonder why I still was not pleased. First I have never had a truck. And having the speakers in the same space as me might be affecting the sound. I was expecting a serious kick. Like rear view mirror moving sound.

As it has been a good while since I have had the low freq in my vehicle I have also been used to my home audio lows. Which is a stereo integrity 18" this makes me wonder if my desires are even possible with the space I'm wiling to sacrifice.

I might try working the math on porting the shallow mount box and see if that gets getter.

And still looking into the active cross or dsp or what ever I'm supposed to get as the middle man for the sounds.

Thanks again.
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ok been reading and reading on dsp's. in the affordable range i have seen the jbl ms8 (top of the budget). and products like ppi 88r (more in the budget). i still havent figured out what i need or what is the best route. i dont need the "auto" features from the ms8, but it seems to have a good following and support of the forum users. any advice in this department? maybe $200-$500 range.

also ive since sold the pioneer shallow 10 to a buddy. ive run 2 older kicker 10' dice. and a friend gave me some older audiobahn 12's. they seem to be more of what im after.

i fabricated some rear seat brackets to add about 2.5ish inches of space to help accommodate what ever i decide to purchase for a sub.
another option is returning the 2600bt and upgrading to something with some built in crossover ability. 2700bs?
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