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Well - let me email you what I'm thinking to do and hear your opinion
Planing to use Alpine IVA-505 headunit with Bluetoth phone, ipod and nav, XM and rear video camera integration
Will have it goint opticaly out in to Orion DEQ-30 EQ opticaly out to 2 Alpine H400 crossovers to feed my 3 way Dynaudio System 360 via Zapco C2K 2.5x (50wpc x4)runing high and mids and C2K 6.0x(124wpc x2) running 8" midwoofers(part of Dynaudio 360), and runing 2 way MB Quart(one of the cheaper once) in rear via some inexpencive 4 or 2 channel amp( i do not mind running stock passive x-overs on rears) and 4 ED 7K.V2 subs(they fit exactly in 4 mounting holes in my rear deck) feed by McIntosh Mcc444 pushing 220w in to each one.
Goal of the system - clear and loud - SQ only system with nice tunefull base - not the boomy and loud one. I plan to run 7K.V2 in infinite baffle without enclosure behind them but if needed will build small seald enclosure for them. Thinking about running stiffenig cap - probably 5fd and 4g wire in to junction box. System does not have a single passive or analog X-Over - all X-Over done digitaly and all individual drivers a ran by it's own amp. Trying not to take any trunk space - and this configuration would just fit on the rear wall and some side space. Not taking any space from trunk is a reason why I'm not going with bigger dedicated subs.
Couple questions - what do you think of this setup?
Most important - would Alpine h400/Orion DEQ30 perform well by today SQ standards? I could EQ/XOver/time delay system quite well with RTA, but how's the quality of sound compared with more modern units such as INPRINT or H701? I looked at them, but looks like they would not let me to x-over front 3 way and subs as well as run rear. I still belive you need some rear fill in the car envioment.
I would like to replace 3 older boxes wit one modern digital processor I just do not know wich one could do what I need?

Ampwise - what do you think of Zapco C2K for SQ? I did get hell of the deal on this 2 units so they would cost me not much more then 2 Reffernce units on e-bay, and I know Zapco C2K is their top(most expencive units) but maybe something else would be better diving tweeters/mids/midwoofer for SQ?
Headunit- I know 505 is more of the MM /Integration powerhouse and not the SQ unit but I need 2din unit to replace my factory COMMAND system and I would like to still have all integration in one place. Need digital optical out - so so far I do not see an alternative to 505 - but maybe I'm wrong?
Navigation I'm torn between Blackbird II and NVE-N872A later would cost me about $400 extra on e-bay but I was told it's really good unit(or actualy what BlackBird is a POS) :)))))
Subs - I realy do not want to build big box in the trunk and not looking for a monster bass - no extraggetion - but looking to get very clean, well defined and tight punchy bass. Will be happy with 30-35Hz as a bottom of my range. How much better would I get by building small seald enclosure instead of doing infinite baffle/rear deck install? Any other good 6.5/7" mini sub drivers?
And again my goals are to get greate SQ system for listening mostly to the rock/pop/vocals in a car. A lot of the parts came from my previos car or some greate deals I had - which should explain strange chice of components :)
Car I'm installing in to is 2001 AMG E55 which right now going through bunch of performance and suspension mods to be turned in to the trully custom car - I'm trying to make the car(driving, interior and entertaiment) to fit my prefferences like a tailored suit :)
Any suggestions are trully appreciated
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