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Newbi Help Please

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Hey guys,

First time on the site and it looks like I am home! I have been looking for a mobile audiophile site for a while now. I am currently putting a system together from the ground up.

I am trying to stay simple. Max two amp system, one for the fronts and one for sub.

I will list what I had in mind and was wondering if you could direct me.

HU Mcintosh MX406 or comparible
Front amp Mcintosh 4 x 100 bridged to 2 x 200
Sub amp Mcintosh 1 x 300 monoblock amp
Sub Don't know yet, Just one in a 4th order, 12" most likely,
but doesn't have to be.
Mids and highs, don't know yet. Help!

It seems that many of you guys are purchasing drivers independantly and running an active crossover. Is this the best way to do it? Versus purchasing a 2 or 3 way system from Focal or someone else?

My goal is SQ, not SPL. I won't run rear speakers in the car (Volvo S70), just the fronts and am willing the cut the front of the car up if I have to.

Please let me know what you think about my amp selection. Is Mac the way to go?

What about subs? 1 or 2? 10, 12 or 15?

And finally and most importantly, how do you build the right front stage? 2 or 3 way? Active or passive crossover?

Money is an object and I won't hesitate to purchase slightly used equipment to save some money.

I know there is alot of questions here so thanx for the read and the help.

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Welcome to the forums Whirly!

Personally, I feel that you have too much money invested in the headunit and amps. But of course, feel free to use what you like! It's just my humble opinion that your biggest time/money/attention should be spent on overcoming the car environment. In order to do that, you need to be prepared with good speaker locations and install, and/or alot of digital processing. (Analog works too, but it's quite expensive to get all the flexibility and power of a digital processor in an analog device).

To that end, I would highly consider a Behringer dcx2496 converted to 12v use. It's simply the most affordable, and somehow also the most powerful processor that's reasonably available. It should form the heart of your system.

As for speakers, take a look through the review forum and the general forum and see if anything strikes you. Choosing speakers is a very personal decision. Some people simply don't want the most objectively accurate speaker for the money, but the one that fits their taste in music.

And speaking of the sub, for a sq oriented system that's probably the least important driver. There's a whole host of affordable, well built 12" drivers in the market today. I would investigate the Peerless XXLS drivers, as well as the TC2+ subs as being the best bargains out there.
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I would suggest purchasing speakers / processor & Hu / subwoofer / amplifier in that order. The majority of your money like npdang says should be invested on what impacts the system the most.
Thank you so much for your input. I have heard such great things from the ribbon tweets. I was thinking of using a set of those. I just don't know whether to try and use a single driver with those or try and go with a mid driver and a 7 or 8 inch mid base. What is your experience with a 2 vs. 3 way system for front stage?

I have been reading the forums and setup of the front stage. Should I be looking for a 6 channel to run the front stage? Then a second to run the sub? or should I look to run two 2 channels. One for the mids and tweets and one for the mid-bass drivers and bridge the rear for the sub?
This is assuming the 3-way seperates are the way to go for front stage.

Thanx again for all your input.

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