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I finally decided to install new speakers in my Integra.
I went for Polk Audio MM series 6501s components front, and 651s coaxials back. I wanted the warmest sound possible without using an amp for now. So far, mission accomplished!
I decided to mount the crossovers on the inside of my door panels, to avoid drilling any sheet metal. It was easy and clean. I even put some Dynamat Xtreme between the speakers and the door.

But!! I now need to be able to quickly disconnect my wires if i ever need to remove my door panels in the future. The tweeters and crossovers are mounted on the plastic panels, but the midranges are mounted on the doors.
What plugs or connectors should I use? I am using 16 gauge wires.
Is there a tutorial on how to connect wires together? So far I used cheap walmart permanent connectors. I need something that can easily be unplugged.


P.S: I already bought and installed the speakers, so no need to tell me you don't like them. It's too late!
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