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So i have this FI X 15" S4 BP Power laying around, due to the electomechanical values it calls for a sealed enclosure (measured specs below), but i was wondering if it would work in a horn? Im not that good at using hornresp, i understand the whole comnstant mouth tline idea, but as far as a multi-fold exponential horn, im still having alot of problems getting it right. Idealy i'd want something like pictures below, as far as width i can go up to 46" (due to oversized spare), 20" high, and fairly unlimited depth, at the moment i can only really support my rockford 400.1, so thats the power it will be seeing at the moment. Heres the picture of how i thought i might expect it to look.

and another example of one i made yesterday in sketchup that i believe is tuned to 30.2hz

and the specs u measured with my WT3:

Re: 2.938 ohms
Fs: 30.28hz
Qts: .484
Qes: .527
Qms 5.999
Le: 3.322 Mh
Vas: 4.335 Cu Ft
SD: 125.6 Sq In

Im sure there are people on here who are much better with horns than i am, so what do you say guys, could i get a little help here???
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