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Love the knowledge on this site. Thanks for the registration. Hoping to get some solid advice to help dial my system in. So far In my 2008 Tundra DC I'm using the following components:

Pioneer AVIC-Z140BH
Audio Control DQXS
Hertz HSK 165 (6.5) components up front, bi-amped with
Alpine PDX-F6 (4x150)
2 JL Audio 8w7 stealthboxes, powered by an
Alpine PDX-1.1000 (1x1000)

I can start the tune several different ways but have some fundamental questions.

#1 - any basic problems/issues/concerns with the equipment selection? BTW I've used a multi-meter to set the gains so I don't destroy my speakers.

#2 - When I start the tune, should I leave the HU settings all stock and tune only with the DQXS, or should I first let the Pioneer run through the Auto EQ feature, choose the flat eq curve, then work with the DQXS?

#3 - approximate crossover points for the system? Currently have the following:
3.8k highpass
125 lowpass
26 filter lowpass

#4 - Absolutely no clue how to use the PEQ feature of the DQXS. Should I be using that at all?

#5 - JL 8" subs are (new) single voice coil 3 ohm subs. My PDX is stable at 4 or 2 ohms. Should I wire them one each channel (2X500) or bridged at 1.5 or 6 ohms?

#6 - I've been using this setup from Parts Express to dial in the system, and I think I've been able to get the system pretty flat using pink noise and the microphone located at my head position in the drivers seat. I do each speaker individually then check again with just both tweeters, just both mids, just the subs, then one last time with all 6 together. Is that a waste of time?

I just have a feeling that I have decent components. Just want to have it dialed in as best I can. :confused:

I appreciate any and all feedback.
Thanks everyone!
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