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Thanks all! Found what i was looking for!

Product Brand & Model: Looking to buy a Mcintosh MCC301m Amplifier. Needs to have the top glass.

Condition of all items: Good to excellent in WORKING order for all inputs and outputs.

Total Price: TBD on condition, up for negotiation.

Shipping Terms:
55379 - Shakopee, MN

Pictures: IMPORTANT - Please provide CLEAR pictures of the TOP with and without glass installed. Side views of both the power side, input & out put side and ventilation. Bottom, must have a clear picture of the McIntosh label AND the white label with the serial number.

Additional info:
Must be a long term member here or OTHER forum that I can verify. I do ask around!

Absolutely no external communication of any sort.
Will only do paypal goods and service..

Thank you

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