Been sitting on this gear (and more that I haven't gotten to yet) for a few projects that just aren't going to come to fruition. Moving shortly for a business venture, want to sell this stuff off to someone who will actually use it as I imagine it sounds better in a car than sitting in a Rubbermaid container in a basement. All of this gear was mounted in my old Honda Element and pulled when I traded it in many presidents ago. No crossovers as the system was ran active through the RA50. Shipping will be whatever actual cost is to your location or you can pick up in Portland, OR (or Tacoma, WA this weekend only as I'll be up there).

As most of this stuff is fairly hard to come by my pricing may be way out of line, just let me know if so. Also sorry if I eff up the formatting/upload on this, first time.

First up, DLA RA50, a 5 channel thing of beauty. Condition I'd say 9 out of 10 as there are a couple little dings (shown in pics). $350 + shipping?

Next, the Nobeliums. A little dusty as I didn't clean things off yet, and what I believe is some of the spray glue from the suede that was on my kick pods (the orange in the one pic) and a ding from install or removal? I thought I had the cups for these but not currently seeing them. $150 + shipping.

Iridium 6.5s. $150 + shipping

Elemental Designs 11kv2 subs. $50 each plus shipping.

I know I've got two NIB ED amps, a nine.2 and nine.4, uninstalled around here that will be for sale, as well as some NIB Aura speakers. Prices out of line, need some more pics (capping me at 10 to upload) or local and want to check the gear out, just let me know.