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Hello everyone. I'm a complete newb to diy audio, but I'm an SQ freak, and I'm no stranger to car audio at all. I currently have (sans great detail) an alpine head unit, 2 boston acoustics (fs60) speakers up front and some subs in the back.

Recently I became interested in some Alpine Type-X speakers (was told they're great for the money) but before I took that plunge, I decided I wanted to see what DIY was all about.

So here goes. I want something close/similar to the alpine type-X setup. I was told these were simply vifa drivers. Can I buy these separately, use a similar crossover and tweeter and get similar sound? Keep in mind, I'd also like to save money.. I'm a poor student.

A person I know is trying to sell me some seas drivers (Seas CA18RNX.. incredibly popular here, it seems) and some LPG 25NFA tweeters (again.. popular, it seems) and I've been doing my reading on these. I think the setup would be nice.. but at near $200 total, they'd be at the same price point as the alpine type-X (which would have an adjustable crossover).

I also haven't a clue about a crossover. If I was to go with seas/lpg, then I think i'd rather get a passive crossover (ease of installation and I dont want to get THAT into diy just yet) is there one off the shelf at a resonable price I can just buy and have these speakers sound good?

by the way, this would be powered by an alpine 4-channel amp that when bridged, would feed about 70 watts RMS to each channel (bridged into 2 channels). 4-channel would yield 35 watts I believe.

Any advice would do, really. This would go into a ford focus, with slight deadning (i'm working on more) and some type-R subs in the back (very good sealed enclosure, decent SQ).

Again.. anything, please!!! :)! I'm open to more suggestions, brands, anything.. just help :)


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