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Just dropping in to catch up on some good technical know-how and ideas for improving the horrible Blaupunkt stereo in my G8. Looking to run an active 2 way system w/a sub, and most likely some sort of DSP to assist in getting the stage set up correctly. Current system runs 11 (well according to GM there's 11) speakers which includes two 8" subs in the rear deck. Just sounds . . . blah. I have been running a prs80 in my Silverado with some MB Quart components I have bi-amped, and an MTX 7412-44 sub. Quarts currently running off a Kenwood amp, and the sub runs off an MTX amp. Actually sounds pretty good - good enough to make me realize how bad the G8 stock system is anyway. Prefer to do lots of reading and asking of questions, as well as my own installs. If I can save some $ on installs, there is more $ for goodies to go in the car.
Current plans for the G8 include some sort of DSP (JBL-MS8 possibly), I am thinking of finding some raw drivers instead of buying components and sitting the passive xo to the side (as my Quart xo's are today). Most likely plan to run 2 way, doors/dash and sub (currently leaning towards the BM mk IV 12) . Not too concerned with the rear field as there may be someone in the back seat 2% of the time I drive. Oh yeah, more so SQ than SPL, but I do like to feel my music. Open to any and all suggestions you may have.
Thanks =) Look forward to reading and learning a bunch here.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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