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Noob with some questions.

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I am new to the mobile audio arena and I am looking for some advise and answers.

My project is my 2006 F-250 Crew Cab. I have a little experience installing, but I am an ASE and Ford certified technician so I know my way around automotive electricity.

The current plan is to build a stealth, quality sounding system in this truck. I don't want a lot of flash and I plan to hide all the components. I would like to use the factory radio for now and add new speakers front and rear and a sub.

So far, this is what I've come up with:

Front doors: JL Audio C5-650 (Tweeter mounted in the A-Pillar)
Rear: JL Audio C5-570x
Sub: JL Audio 13TW5
Amps: JL Audio G1700 and JL Audio G4500

I have had this plan for a little while now, but it isn't set in stone. And after discovering this site it seems that I may have some research to do. My lack of experience keeps me second guessing and I'm looking for some input from you guys with more experience than I.

I have been searching around town, but most shops just carry the run of the mill Pioneer, Kicker, Rockford, etc. Not to say any of it is bad, just that it seems to be geared more to shaking the block than sounding good. I am looking for sound quality not to out bump the car next to me.

I want build a good, evenly balanced system that myself as well as my friends and family can enjoy. So if you guys can give me any tips or opinions on this setup, or suggest other brands or components I should consider please let me know. I plan to install it all myself and I plan to sound deaden the whole thing while it's apart (That Diesel is loud!). Like I said I'm all new to this stuff so any help or advise is greatly appreciated. :)
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Thanks for the quick replies. I plan to do a sealed sub enclosure behind the seat and I am still unsure if I will mount the amps on the back wall as well or under the rear seat.

I will definitely look into a processor to integrate with the factory radio. I want to keep rear speakers since I'm not always the only one in the truck and i want it to sound good for my passengers in the rear too.

I have read through a ton of threads and everyone has an opinion on products, I'm just trying to avoid noobie mistakes. Like I said before, the setup isn't set in stone yet. I didn't pick JL solely on their name I have heard good setups using their products. I am open to brands, but I haven't found a good local shop that caters more to sound quality than the usual "Trunk-full if bass" so I can listen to stuff like Hybrid, Focal, etc.

I do plan to sound deaden the entire cab and doors.
it may help if you described the type of sound you like in you speakers. if you like bright or harsh tweets or a smooth laid back sound or a combination of the 2........i agree keep your rear fill its not hard to use the fader to cut out the rears when your the only one in the truck. me personally i'm not a big fan of jl comps its not that they dont sound good........its just not my cup of tea but i did like there top of the line 6x9s lots of bass
I would have to say I prefer a combination. I like to hear the tweets, but I don't want them overpowering. I listen to mostly Rock music though I will throw in anything from Electronic to Blues from time to time.
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