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1 pioneer head unit deh midbrand. 2x Polk mm1540dvc isobaric 1ohm Polk 1200watt amp
2 pair MM571 polk 500 watt 2channel bridged. Shuriken 2000W and 1500w crank

So, one day I am playing within range 48 out of 62 volume well below clip and distortion. Output on sub amp 14-16vac. Speaker amp around the same range. At that output range the highest amp draw I've seen DC was [email protected] Playing Fear - Tech N9ne. Fairly bass heavy song. Gets about half way through song hear a signal pop. Bass is substantially lowered from sub. But it sounds deeper coming from coaxial. HP at 180Hz. I feel the subs are still moving just underpowered. Kill the truck. Get dvom. Start checking fuses good connections good subs at 0.9ohms speakers 2.7 ohms. No protect or error on amps that is easily noticed. Start vehicle play at low 30 on Hu. Seems in line bass response from subs. Start slowly turning up get closer to 45 it drops out now sounds like all low end going to coaxial. Subwoofers still moving just underpowered. Where can I go from here? I'm thinking it's a short between sub output to speaker output whether it be in headunit or rca cables themselves. How should a proceed?
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