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I'm a HUGE lover of Clarion products! Seems a few things never changed over the years... from all the way back in the late 70's and early 80's I remember those Clarion MCD360 crossovers AND their famous 7-band EQS746 equalizer. In fact, I remember when these were in high demand, but things change and peoples' taste changes. NOT MINE!

I'm coming up on close to 60 years old and loved the old school Clarion equalizers and crossovers so much I bought their MCD360 crossover for my 99 Dodge Stratus when I got $100,000 from my dad's life insurance policy in 2008 and could afford pretty much ANY brand. It was quality, not price that got me! Back when I had the Stratus I was a huge fan of Kenwood speakers, so I bought ALL Kenwood speakers, DVC 12's, even CD changer and 3 amps. Now days, Clarion has far surpassed Kenwood in their frequency response of their speakers, so I sold all my Kenwood speakers and subs and now run Clarion.

Now, in my last car AND my current Civic, I'm running the Clarion EQS746 7-band equalizer and love it! Only "issue" I have with it is that someone at Clarion should have redesigned the fader knob so it's on the LEFT of the auxilary button instead of on the RIGHT among the frequency knobs! Otherwise, no problems.

This is my my present setup:
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