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Decided to make a new thread with the items I have left. I have no patience and want to get started on my budget build ASAP, so here's some great deals on AWESOME equipment for my fellow DIYMA members!

PPI PC 21400.2 - does 1400wrms @ 4ohm bridged. Awesome amp. $300 shipped. (The protect light is red, however, it's because the xover isn't working. Still does full rated power and I've used it daily w/ no problems).

PPI PC4800.2 - does 100wrms x 4 @ 4ohm or 400wrms x 2 bridged w/ great xover features. $320 shipped.

PPI PC2400.2 - does 100wrms x 2 @ 4ohm. $150 shipped

PPI PC2200.2 - does 50wrms x 2 @4ohm. Does NOT come with plugs. $80 shipped.

Focal Reference 8's - Don't know much about these other then they pound and get pretty low. $130 shipped

(2) 15" Old School Kicker Solo-Barics single 8ohm in great condition and recommended sealed box. Handle 600-750wrms and sound super clean. $125ea. or I can work out a deal for both and the box.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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