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When full comprehension of electron movement through conducive materials hit home with me, I didn't ever see myself sharing a theory again about a astonishing outcome from a simple variation.

I have been using this same 1/8" jack - stereo RCA adapter cable for quite a while now. I didn't figure it was permanent, but never felt its replacement was eminent.

Well kick me in the friggin jimmy.

To patch in my Sansa to the EQ I was using this: unlabeled-6ft adapter. The whip has just kinda hung out from behind the dash, it reached all the way out the truck.

The permanent solution was to locate a female jack in a fixed location.(AUX input, like factory) Then use a 1/8-1/8" stereo adapter.(like many do)

I made both the jack to jack and the jack to RCA adapters, pulled dash, swap was made, put back together, no sound test, goodnight. Next day, all settings where I left em, get in, take off, first song...... BOOOOOOOOOOOOM, holy ****, it was like getting shocked by 277 volts. MY TRUCK? WTF? Instantly I have way more bass than I have heard out of this pair of 12's yet. I am talkin clearer highs and overall higher volume capabilities.

I'm expressing that the sound is sooo dam different...... I can't stop thinking about it. I'd go right now and drive around and hear it again but, its 12:30am and what if it magically disappears as quick as it came after this cable replacement??

There's no magic in the material... Just some radio shack connectors and I used some 350MHz Cat5e 23ga stranded cable.... Its was just a bad adapter holding me back a little...



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