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Hello, I had used old school Denon DCA-3500 5channel amp for Dyn Esotar2 tweeter and midrange. Denon was nice it looked like A class amp. Sadly it's dead recently maybe due to old age. (probably 30years)

I am going to get it repaired but I wanted to alternatives for the time being.

So I searched for Ebay auction on Dec 25th to find out proper 4channel amp.

I had no idea about MMATS. But it was 4channel and 65W*4 looked suitable

for my needs. I won it at $305 (I found the auction 2hours before auction

end) I do not know what I did. It seems like I paid too much based on

past transaction but it does not matter. It was Christmas gift for myself.

Anybody has experience with MMATS LM4065 or SQ4070? They look pretty

much the same.

And my LM4065 is grey color unlike picture images of google. All other

LM4065 was black. Do you know which color came first and what year

it was introduced?

I am very curious if it is worth installing it because I got Poweramper

Q450X 4channel 50W amplifier today and it sounds pretty nicely.

Maybe I will give it a try once LM4065 arrives. What I expect is SQ qualtiy

of MMATS LM4065. MMATS is renowned for subwoofer amp mostly.

I wonder if they will juice my Dyn Esotar2 tweeter and midrange adequately with SQ quality.

Do you think MMATS would have Dyn high-end tweeter and midrange sound

beautifully? I am asking because my amp rack is very tough to access and

MMATS wiring plugs looks annoying to get them installed.

Please tell me general impression of MMATS LM4065 or SQ4070 SQ wise.

Thank you.
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