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Hi All,

First post here on the forum but not really a car audio noob but looking for a little advice.

I just traded in '13 Nissan Altima and pulled out a couple things to transfer to new car('15 Lexus IS250). I had in the Nissan:
  • JL C5-650 6.5 Components
  • JL 12W6V3
  • JL HD600/4
  • JL HD750/1
  • Alpine PXA-H800
I just sold the 4 channel HD600/4 on ebay and never pulled out the components. To be honest, I wasn't a huge fan of them, I can be really picky on speakers but really had no intention of putting a crazy stereo in.

I just put the sub and mono amp in today which helps slightly tide me over until put in the rest. I do see myself eventually replacing the JL sub for something more high end, but it does the trick for now. I also plan on carrying over the Alpine PXA-H800. I never played around enough with it in the Nissan to get the soundstage sounding great, maybe that is why I really didn't care much for the C5-650 set, but I do want to give it another go in the new car.

So here is where I am stuck. Number one, I will need to pick up a new 4 channel amp. I would like to keep it below $700. I am completely open on suggestions.

Secondly, component set. I am leaning towards picking up the 6.5 Scan Speak set from madisound. I have never have gotten to listen to their larger drivers yet but I previously had two of the large diameter Revelators(Was 10 years ago but equivalent would be one of the D2904s) in custom kicks and LOVED them. Would I need their passive crossover if I would just be running it active on the processor anyway? Was thinking of skimping to the cheap crossover to save money there and get the D3004/6040-00 BE tweeters.

Last question would be on the midbass. Not even sure if it would fit as I haven't opened up the door panels yet on the Lexus but thoughts on adding an 8 in each rear door? Assuming I ran time alignment which, I would, and it's crossover properly, would this have potential to sound good? I don't want to go out of control on cutting front door to add 3-way up front and not sure I want to lose the leg space by dropping to a kick panel.

Would appreciate any opinions on this.

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