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Opinions on comps.

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These are my options I think I want to go with. Which do you guys think?
Pioneer TS-D720C
Phoenix Gold RSD's
or Polk MOMO's (the ones Sonicelectronix are selling.)
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Thanks, but I am looking for comps.
They have a nice warm sound to them. Plus they do not need alot of power to really shine
How loud do they get? Are they able to go low? Good SQ? And is Ebay the only place left to get them?
Prolly your 2nd choice then ;)
PHOENIX GOLD RSD6CS 6" COMPONENT SPEAKERS RSD-6CS NEW - eBay (item 400041397075 end time May-03-09 18:03:33 PDT)

A member here had this to say about them...Yes, they do get pretty dang loud and the woofers can handle quite a bit of power.

Another member found them here ... Re: PG RSD 65CS components
Didn't know Woofersetc had them so cheap.

$50 shipped to lower 48
One more question. Does the crossover have an adjustment for the tweeter? I am just about sold on these.
There are adjustments on this set by PG ;)
X5.0 - Phoenix Gold 5.25" Xenon Component System

# Tweeter Level Adjustment: 0 / +3 dB
# Tweeter Phase Adjustment: 0° / 180°
# A-pillar Tweeter Location Adjustment
# 4 Ohm Impedance
Thats the only thing that worries me about the RSD's, is that there really isn't any room for adjustments. With other sets you can adjust the tweeter a little.
Nice adjustments on these ... but the price :eek:

NEW SEALED! FOCAL 165K3P COMPONENT SPEAKER SET - eBay (item 260319160497 end time Apr-19-09 13:10:02 PDT)

Tweeter level (0/+7dB per step of 1dB); midrange (mid flat/ mid high)
What about these? FOCAL 165 A1 ACCESS
I love Polk MOMO's...I'm a sucker for loud, clean, clear speakers with top notch tweeters.
I have had Polk Comps in my car since 1999 (yes the same set and the same car).
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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