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I currently have an Xtant X603 so I am limited to two channels. I am considering buying a pair of Mpyre Audio 65M's with their supplied crossovers. I would like to use these as a midbass and a set of Morel Integra Ovation XO 4" mids with their supplied crossover for mids and highs.

If I use the supplied crossovers and wire them parallel for a 2ohm load @ 150watts can this give me a desired effect for a good midbass in the door with the 4" coaxial in the kickpanel, or am I just completely out of my mind?

Not looking for an extremely loud system, just trying to get close to a 3-way setup with the amp that I have and not being able to go active limits my choices.

Any suggestions and recommendations for speakers and equipment is welcome.
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