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I have 2 HUs, Eclipse 8454 and a Nak cd400. I have 3 Eclipse 33250s. Right now i have Vifa PL18 and ID tweets. One of my amps is bridged and running my IDQ12. I have been thinking of getting either the Seas CA18RNX or the Dayton RS180. Tweeters im up in the air but the Dayton RS28a look nice. Thinking of using the Eclipse HU running active with the 2 other amps. The amps are rated at 130x2 @4ohms. That would be about 65 for the mids @8ohms. might be alot for the tweets just would have to leave the gains low. Another option is to get another of those amps run 2 bridged for the mids. That would give the mids [email protected] ohms. Any sugestions ?
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