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Ok guys so Idk if any of you seen my last post but I fixed most and I mean 80-90% of the piercing noise coming through my speakers.
As far as quality goes I'm missing some of that now idk what i did but with that pitchyness that i was experiencing the quality of the music was supreme.

Any suggestions for a Kenwood Excelon KDC-x303 head unit?
I would imagine most of it is in the EQ but I listen to songs with a lot of bass and typically high quality sound through spotify premium rap songs mostly (don't judge me plox) and I'm wondering what would be some good tweeks to the system to get the most out of my listening experience.

I know there are things such as positioning of the speakers the size of the car/room small medium and large, and size of the speakers is also a setting only thing I've changed so far from the 6.5'' to 6"x9" size of speakers in the settings.

Any suggestions on tweeking it to get that quality back? thanks
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