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The more and more I talk about it and look at my wifes install, I can't help but think.

I currently run w/a Audio Control DQS and a Audison LRx5.1k amp.

My goal is SQ w/a kick when needed.

I've had thoughts about selling both the AMP and the EQ to purchase, here's where I want to know if I'm out of my mind, 2 OS LANZAR amps, mainly another Opti160 and an Opti500, and a bit.1/MS-8. I use the Audison amps built in xover to run active on the fronts so a different processor would be needed to achieve an active front end still.

I think the cost would be close for what I could get between what I have now and what I would get.
So, Am I out of my mind?
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